Here’s to a New Year Filled with Love, Hope, and Clear Heads

I can offer two ideas for this new year 2018. First thought is about snow. The next is about flower remedies.


naturally bubbly happy new year 2018

Dear friends, it’s been a year since I posted. I am sorry about that. 2017 was a year like no other in my memory and I found myself speechless. I needed to sit back and take it all in.

So, I can offer two ideas for the new year. First thoughts are about snow.
Druid Garden is my new favorite WordPress blog. That excellent blogger writes about snow and loving snowy blizzards as one of natures gifts instead of fearing snow as a menacing super storm. It gets into discussion of food security, energy self sufficiency, living off the grid, sustainability–all topics interesting to Naturally Bubbly.

I know, todays blizzard makes it hard to love a snowstorm with the wind howling all around us. But it is worth trying to stay calm and trying to enjoy the weather. And being ready for the power going down, of course!

I am especially fond of flowers and plants and work with them every day so I suggest looking into Red Clover Flower Essence. It helps a person stay calm and avoid hysteria. Perfect for these crazy times!

What About Hope for the Year Ahead?

naturally bubbly happy new years 2018

Druids Keep Alive the Ancient Wisdom



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