A Clean and Shiny Bathroom Takes Only 10 Minutes a Week!

easy bathroom cleaning

Bathroom cleaning can be tedious and kind of nasty, frankly. You would rather be doing almost anything else, right? You will have more time to do fun stuff, you know, like emptying the dishwasher (just kidding ; D) if you just take a few minutes to learn about green cleaning your bathroom.

Since prevention is usually always the best green cleaning method there is, each article below has clear instructions about preventing bathroom dirt, dust, residue and scum. Once you practice good prevention–it is kind of like brushing your teeth everyday, something that takes only minutes a day– you’ll never have to spend an entire morning scrubbing your bathroom again.

You won’t need to use dangerous disinfectants, chlorine cleansers, or anti microbials to get your bathroom clean and sanitary. Vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and oxygen bleach will do just as well or better at disinfecting, sanitizing and removing dirt from your bathroom surfaces as those toxic chemical products.

Green Cleaning products for bathrooms are concocted with exactly same ingredients we use all around the home, namely vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, borax, washing soda, castile soap, club soda, essential oils, and cream of tartar. Your bathroom will be clean and sanitary after using these inexpensive basic cleaning ingredients. We’ll show you how!

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