Organic Landscape Gardening

organice gardening

Even if you are a beginner gardener, you don’t need Miracle Gro or any other synthetic chemicals to be successful at gardening. Please just ignore the cute commercials if you can. Whenever you see an ad or commercial telling you that all you need is this or that chemical to get those flowers to grow, suppress weeds and insects, just replace the name of the chemical (Scotts Turfbuilder, Miracle-Gro, Round-up, whatever) with the words Compost, Manure Tea, Vinegar, Borax, Soap & Water, etc.

Yes, some of the very same inexpensive, non-toxic ingredients we use to clean our home can be used outside in the yard and garden as well.  Borax kills insects. Vinegar kills weeds. Baking soda kills mildew and fungus. Castile soap kills aphids.

And compost, well, we don’t clean the house with compost, but it is the wonder drug, the panacea of organic gardening. Got dry soil? Add compost. Got compacted soil? Add compost. Need more flowers? Add compost. You get it. I’ll explain it all to you, don’t worry!

I am a landscape gardener who has been natural gardening since forever, and doing it professionally since 1996. My green  landscape gardening and design company does not use power tools. We also don’t use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. And the gardens we design, plant and care for are lush, full of blossoms in every season, and remarkably free of pests, weeds, and disease.

Organic gardening will bring you feelings of vast joy, harmony, and accomplishment! Stay tuned to my blog and this Green Gardening category in particular to read about and comment on lots of organic, non-toxic, highly effective gardening and landscaping techniques. I welcome your comments, especially if you think I’ve got it wrong!  I find that there is always more to learn. And two ways to skin a cat! That’s just an expression, I love kitties! (But not in the garden)

I love what Megyn Price says in an interview in Fine Gardening’s Outdoor Idea’s & Solutions column ‘Talkin’ Dirt’

“For me, “organic” means “regular”. I just think that’s how food was always grown and that using pesticides and all this commercial stuff is actually the new, tougher way to grow anything. “Organic” just means the regular gardening that my parents and grandparents did. It’s the only way I know.”

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