StainsYou can get stains out of household furniture, carpeting, rugs and clothing without resorting to dangerous chemicals. Using safe, non-toxic spot and stain removing techniques will benefit you, your health, your wallet, and the longevity of your stuff.

Heavy duty stain removers are often overkill. They can be too strong and can damage your fabrics. The most common problem I have found with petrochemical or chlorine based spot removers is that they bleach color out of the area you are cleaning. So maybe the stain is gone, or maybe there is a shadow of the stain in a little bleached circle. Is that really the best they can do?

What is all this battle lingo when it comes to stain and spot removal? We don’t really need to fight stains, we can convince them to leave of their own accord with the gentle yet effective, environmentally friendly solutions and methods reported on in the posts in the Stains section of Naturally Bubbly.

Stains are a fact of life unfortunately, like death and taxes you will, sometime in your life have to deal with stains. But, if you are at all like me, you think twice about wearing white or light color clothes because they always seem to get stained immediately. And how’s this for prevention? I have a cousin who refuses to serve red wine to guests sitting on her white upholstered furniture!

Save your health, save the planet and learn how to get rid of stains the green way!

Stains on Household Surfaces

This post will tell you how to get rid of stains on carpeting and rugs, furnishings, furniture upholstery and hard surface floors. The methods are easy, cheap and usually involve something you already have in your kitchen or bathroom cabinet.

Stains on Kitchen and Bathroom Surfaces

Yes, there are ways to get those stains out of your kitchen and bathrooms. There are so many different surfacing materials in use these days, please read instructions carefully and know just what surface materials exist in your kitchen and bathroom.

Laundry Stains

It can get complicated, so many substances that can stain so many different fabrics and surface materials. It’s best to proceed slowly at first to avoid ruining that thing you are trying to get the stain out of. But guess what? Stain removal using biodegradable, non-toxic solutions won’t result in damaged goods, and the stains will come out just as well or better than those nasty chemical spot removers.


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