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Naturally bubbly? Uh? carbon footprint? what?

My name is Julia Houriet and I am the Naturally Bubbly blogger and chief article writer. (I have one guest article that is my most popular article haha.) I want to lower my carbon footprint on this earth and I think you should want to do this too. So I started this green lifestyle site and just the other day a blog NaturallyBubblyBlog.wordpress.com

As Ms. Naturally Bubbly I am a skeptical green issues reporter, a green living, cleaning, and gardening expert (USDA zones 4,5,6), an environmentally friendly product reviewer, a food reformer, and most importantly, a green lifestyle coach. Coaching you and me to become more sustainably green!

Lowering our personal carbon footprint is all any of us can really do to save the planet from

  • on-going pollution,
  • desertification of our environment,
  • extinction of species,
  • political corruption,
  • severe and extreme climate change.

I know that sounds ludicrous, but seriously, by adopting a sustainable green lifestyle we will change our attitudes about food, energy, waste, cleaning, spending money, choosing leaders, and on and on.

PROBLEM IS: how to live our life on earth without wrecking our beloved earth.

It’s not that little bag of recycling that we contribute once a week, the ditching of incandescent light bulbs, or turning up the air conditioner/down the heat that has the effect (although lots of little drops in the bucket will eventually fill the bucket . . .) that makes a difference. It’s the change in thinking. I don’t know if we can change hearts and minds quickly enough to prevent the end of life on earth as we know it, but we have to give it a go!

Sorry to be a bummer, but the situation is getting kind of serious. Isn’t it?

Therefore Naturally Bubbly is ready to comment on anything going on in the world that affects human health and wellbeing, earth’s creatures and the wellbeing of planet earth itself. Let’s share our transformational green journey together. There is so much to learn.

We are not about making anybody feel bad or telling anybody what to do. Truly the point is to make




information available to those who want it! We can be a positive example about how easy it really is to live a more sustainable life.

Paradise Lost

My story is that I was brought up in the sixties when nobody understood the dangers of all the new miraculous products that chemists were concocting. Well, maybe somebody knew, but they didn’t let everybody else know! As I came of age I learned that our country was suffering from a lot of chemical pollution in the soil, water, and air. I went totally natural, at least for a while, but then started backsliding to old ways. Now in 2016 I am ready to go as green as possible as soon as possible!

So, yes back to the sixties: The house we lived in most likely contained lead paint. We used Comet, Pine Sol, Windex, and every other common chemical cleaning product that was available. My Dad used chemical lawn products, as was the norm. I can still remember the smell of the freshly treated lawn. Ahhhh.

Probably one saving grace for us kids was that my Mom, God bless her, wasn’t a clean freak and so we were not exposed to massive amounts of dangerous chemical cleaning products. That is saying a lot actually, since the air quality inside homes is usually much worse than outdoor air quality. I couldn’t believe it when I found this out. Our safe havens, our nests, our homes are poisoning us? Not only are many of the household products found on store shelves unsafe, but also many of our home furnishings emit toxic gases.

RESOURCE! the safest household cleaning agents available today.

Lower your carbon footprint! and start living green now

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