Carpet Stains

The first thing to remember about removing carpet stains is to blot. If you start rubbing the spot, you will rub it in and spread it further. Find out more about removing carpet stains

Carpet Stains

Removing Carpet Stains the Green Way

Stains are a nuisance to remove from rugs and carpets. The fast solution is to grab a commercial spot cleaner and spray away. Unfortunately, this may do more harm than good. It might remove the stain, but it often leaves behind toxins that can harm you, your kids and nature.

People are so tired of reading the fine print on everything that they do not even understand the harmful effects of products. One popular cleaner advises not to use around pets: In other words, you could risk losing that pet. Others advise not using in areas to which a child might have access – just in case the child inhales the toxins or chews the carpet. Is it really worth that risk?

Before convenience was the name of the game, Grandma had her remedies for all kinds of cleaning problems — and, none of those harmed the environment because they were natural. A little baking soda here – a little club soda there – and things were good again. Additionally, her solutions were usually available around the house and not in store-bought cans.

Traditional cleaners affect the environment and people in many ways: The user and others around them – including animals – may inhale the toxins. They may also ingest them if the toxins fall on foods or something a child or pet may chew on.

Evaporation is another factor because it causes toxins to enter the atmosphere. Improper disposal and using the cleaning agent outside, right in the dirt allows them to enter the environment – especially the water system, which in turn sends them into the food chain. So, how do you safely remove those spots on your rugs and carpets?

Eco-friendly Ways to Remove Carpet Stains

The first thing to remember about removing carpet stains is to blot. If you start rubbing the spot, you will rub it in and spread it further. Therefore, whatever solution you use, be gentle, and always pretest it on a section of carpet. Try these ideas for removing common stains naturally:

Red Wine Stains

White wine often helps with this. Soak the area with it to neutralize the red wine, and then blot it up. If that doesn’t take care of it, spray the stain with hydrogen peroxide, and sprinkle it with baking soda. Let it sit a few minutes and then blot it up. Club soda or vinegar may help, too.

Ink Stains

Carpet Stains

Again, don’t rub the spot. Apply vinegar and baking soda and dab it dry. You can also try using environmentally safe detergent with water. Alternatively, if safer methods don’t work, you can dab at it with the corner of a rag moistened with rubbing alcohol.

Pet Stains

carpet Stains

You can remove a carpet stain from pet urine naturally by first placing an absorbent paper towel over it until it is absorbed. Then, apply rubbing alcohol and blot the area. For some stains, it is just as easy to sprinkle baking soda on them and then vacuum the stain after the baking soda dries. TIP: If this happens often, try spraying the location with vinegar to turn your pet off to using that spot.

Blood Stains

Removing blood stains from carpet requires a few steps, but it is not difficult. The trick is to get to the stain as soon as possible. If it is fresh, you should have no problem removing it with cold water. Just use a sponge full of very cold water to soak the area, and then blot it up slowly.

If the blood is already dried, you will have to put something else on it. The most common natural method is to use hydrogen peroxide. It is not harmful to the environment, and a typical bottle you buy in the drugstore does not have a strong enough solution, it’s only 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, to bleach your carpet; however, you should always spot check a hidden area first.

First use a brush to remove the dried blood. Then vacuum up what you brush out of the stain and soak it with hydrogen peroxide for two days. Use a rag with cold water to wipe it up, and then wipe it again with eco-friendly detergent and water. You may have to do this multiple times over a few days.

Coffee, Tea, and Grease Stains

Tea Carpet Stains

Other quick tips include blotting coffee and tea stains with soda water, and using mineral spirits and a toothbrush on grease stains. The list of natural carpet stain cleaning tricks is endless, but this should give you a good idea of what is available. Instead of reaching for harmful chemicals, you will soon have your own ‘go-to’ list of cleaners for carpet stains that protect your health and that of the environment.

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