Green Cleaning Goes Mainstream

This article in the Environmental Leader gives me hope that green cleaning is becoming mainstream. More and more customers are asking for non-toxic cleaning.

commercial cleaning goes green

According to this article more and more customers are asking for non-toxic cleaning. Even in commercial settings! The cleaning industry must now answer this demand whether it wants to or not. This new demand for toxic chemical free cleaning is really putting preasure on the industry, and this is exactly how progress occurs!

I had a problem a few months ago with the commercial cleaning company that cleans my building started using a heavily fragranced floor cleaner in the stairwells. The  chemical would seep into my apartment, somehow! from the stairwells. It was a mystery. I did complain to the management, and the cleaning company changed to one that just uses straight bleach. Which is not as bad, but still toxic.

My other confrontation with toxic household chemicals recently involved a neighbor up on my floor who started spraying some sort of lingering “air freshener” into the hallway on a daily basis. Maybe they thought it smelled nice but to me it was just air pollution. Indoor air pollution is much more harmful than pollution in the air outdoors. I wrote a note to the neighbors on the floor and posted it outside the elevator. It was eventually ┬átorn down with the aroma of air freshener to add to the effect. I complained to the management.

They sent out an official letter and the offending sprayers slowly stopped. Victory!

Anyway, check out this great article about a new book by Vince Elliott called Extreme Green Cleaning.

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