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Why is Naturally Bubbly posting about travel destinations? Well, Naturally Bubbly is about living, and travel is an important part of being alive on this earth!

Green Green Carriacou

Carriacou, Grenada – A Naturally Conservative Place

Why is  Naturally Bubbly posting about travel destinations today? This website hasn’t suddenly become a travel site has it? Well, actually, because Naturally Bubbly is about living, and travel is an important part of living, of being alive on this earth, we thought why not talk about some really nontoxic places to visit? Places that are still relatively non-polluted in which one can truly kick back and relax. For me a slow paced, safe, clean beautiful spot with a small town atmosphere is great for detoxing from the big or small city.

Green Green Carriacou

Today’s clean, green travel gem is Carriacou Island just near the Equator. It’s part of the nation of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique. These islands lie between the Grenadines to the North and Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela to the South.

Grenada is known as the Spice Isle due to it’s vast supply of Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Clove, and Cocoa trees. The soil is volcanic and full of nutrients and many natural springs and rivers run clear so plants love to grow in Grenada. Petit Martinique has many boat builders and tuna fishing businesses. Carriacou is a bustling small town of an island. Boat building, fishing, sailing, music (calypso, soca, string–check out The Country Boys on FB), Carnival, and just plain living are what they do best in Carriacou. It is a great place to spend a week or a month, solo, as a couple, or with your family.

Carriacou lies just north of Grenada. The Osprey ferry ride there can get pretty choppy so bring your sea sickness remedy. I bought some inexpensive acupressure bands called Sea Bands, and some crystallized ginger before leaving home. Hours before getting on the Osprey I put on the Seabands. During the 2 hour ferry rideI I pressed on the acupressure points and chewed on the ginger and I was fine.
green green carriacou
Carriacou has no natural water source except for copious rain in the season. Most people have large cisterns adjacent with or underneath their homes. Some have large, plastic, black water storage tanks set above the house to take advantage of gravity. So because of the threat of constant water shortage Carriacou has a tradition of water conservation as part of it’s survival. You have to conserve water here or you will be in trouble. If your cistern or tank runs dry, you would have to purchase water from the water truck and who has extra money for that? And who knows where it came from?green green carriacou

One thing that Carriacou lacks is a recycling program. It was hard throwing out glass bottles, jars, and paper into the regular trash although they did pick up the trash regularly from the common bins spaced conveniently along the roads. If I lived in Carriacou I might look into trying to get recycling going. There was trash besides some of the roads, but mostly Carriacou is a pretty tidy place. Although not ‘landscaped’ like say Tortola, BVI is. green green carriacou

Not to unfairly glamorize the place. There is the constant threat of development in sensitive areas. Mabouya Island is slated to become a luxury resort. Petit Dominique is already a luxury resort. Just how many luxury rooms can one little group of islands support? Isn’t it true that always someone wants to build luxury villas and cottages overlooking the pristine bays and landscapes. green green carriacou

Take Anse La Roche on the northwest coast of Carriacou. Crystal clear water and crescent beach overlooked by bush. Snorkeling and swimming are beyond compare in Anse La Roche Bay. I was lucky enough to spend a few hours here with Alex and Gary from Deefer Diving But when they decide to build houses above the bay, which “they” are discussing, pollution will follow. The resurrecting reef will be the first thing to suffer. Here’s hoping that the potable lack of water will stop some of the development on Carriacou. But I hear that there will soon be a Sandals resort in Grenada!green green carriacou

For people who love a simple, clean, green, safe, and friendly place to visit, you can’t get much better than Carriacou. Not a lot of excitement here, just enough for me. Not easy to get to compared to places like Dominican Republic or Barbados, you have to get to Grenada first, and then catch the once a day ferry, the Osprey, to Carriacou. Or you can fly SVG to Carriacou if you have less than 44 pounds of luggage.
green green carriacou

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