Green Lawn Mowing Service – How to Find the Right One?

You can find an organic lawn service. Many locales have a lawn mowing service close enough that caters to environmentally conscious property owners like you.

Go Organic with a Green Lawn Mowing Service

Lawn Mowing Service

You have made up your mind that you want to practice organic lawn care, but you do not have the time, or maybe you do not have the desire to do it yourself. Have no fear: You can find an green lawn mowing service to help you. Many locales have a lawn mowing service within a reasonable distance that caters to environmentally conscious property owners.

The thing to consider when choosing an organic lawn company is what kind of tools to they use? A true eco-friendly service does not use gasoline-powered equipment; it uses manually powered or electric equipment, including mowers, blowers and trimmers. These are pollution free (on site anyway) and easier on the neighbor’s ears. It is even better if the electricity comes from renewable energy such as sunlight.

A good service will also be eco-friendly when it comes to fertilizing, weed control and insect control. Rather than harmful chemicals, the service will use organic fertilizers, such as compost and soy or corn-based fertilizer, and natural weed and insect control. The manager will understand and explain to you the value of caring for your lawn naturally by invigorating the soil and activating beneficial microorganisms. A healthy lawn is grown upon healthy soil and has the easiest time warding off weeds and pests.

When you hire a green lawn mowing service, understand that the crew may do things differently than you are accustomed to. For example, true organic lawn mowing involves cutting the grass at a higher level than a traditional cutting. Most people cut their lawns at about 1 or 1 1/2 inches. The organic method is to cut it at about 3, or even 4 inches. This helps the grass to thrive with less water because it shades the soil it is growing in. So if you see this, understand that the service is not trying to get the best of you, it is just doing the job correctly.

Some services leave the clippings on the lawn. When you are choosing one, let them know you do not want that–at least not all the time. It seems logical in theory because the clippings are mulch that fertilizes the lawn and retains moisture. But too much of a good thing will eventually cause a problem, and your lawn may develop thatch build up as a result of an overabundance of grass clippings.

A good idea might be to have the lawn service collect the clippings for you and put them into your compost bin. Of course, make sure you have a balance of green and brown (sticks, dry leaves, hay etc.) to balance the very active green matter. Too much grass will turn gooey and rot the compost. After a short time, it can go back on the lawn as organic fertilizer! If making compost is not your thing, you may have a neighbor who would like some green matter for their composter. Or your town might use it to feed its municipal compost heaps.

If you live in an area where you cannot find an organic lawn mowing service, here is a thought for you: Buy your own renewable energy electric mower and hire a regular lawn service to cut your grass. The crew can use your environmentally safe mower, they can do the hedges with people powered hedge clippers, and they can sweep the grass off the sidewalk with a push broom. This is truly green power.

Here is another thought: If you do not have a green lawn care service in your area, purchase those tools and start your own. You would be responding to a need and serving a worthy cause. Furthermore, you would get to spend your workday outdoors enjoying the world as opposed to being cooped up in an office.

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Julia has been practicing green cleaning for several years as the owner of As You Like It Home Cleaning and organic gardening for almost 20 years running Julia Houriet Custom Gardening. She studied landscape design at Radcliffe Seminars in Cambridge Massachusetts. Her expertise is gleaned from education and years of experience.

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