Health Care Reform – What is Quality Health Care Anyway?

There are many aspects about Oregon's Gov. John Kitzhabers visionary experiment that give me hope for the possibility of true health care reform.

We Need Health Care Reform Now not Health Insurance Mandates

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I heard a bit about Oregon’s Medicaid Experiment on NPR today. It gave me hope that real change may be possible. I’m praying that I don’t get really sick until this problem is fixed. As it stands now, I’m afraid to go the doctor. You walk into your appointment and the doctor looks at you like an adversary. This is a crazy situation. We are supposed to trust our doctors and they are supposed to have compassion for us. Now we are just a potential malpractice suit!

There are many aspects about Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber’s visionary experiment that give me hope for the possibility for true health care reform. Naturally Bubbly feels that the kind of health care reform that removes profit from the picture is a really green idea!  Real health care reform means less wasteful spending on unnecessary procedures and more time time on actual healing. Doctors will be paid a salary instead of being financially rewarded for prescribing procedures, pharmaceuticals, and keeping appointments to 15 minutes or less.

It’s strange that many people are scared of changing our terribly inadequate and exclusionary medical system that rewards doctors for how many procedures they perform instead of rewarding them based on the outcomes of the treatment they offer their patients. It’s not fair that technology has produced a type of health care that only wealthy people and people with great insurance plans can afford while the rest of us are denied even basic, simple health care.

Have you ever paid for a doctors visit yourself? You pay much much more than insurance companies pay for the same visit. It’s super rude and kind of extortionary. I remember having to pay for some doctor’s visit out of my own pocket. Not only did the docs know nothing about the costs of the visits and treatments they were providing, but also I was billed twice for everything. One bill came from the doctor; another came from the hospital just to use the room.

If you are not already sick the stress from this kind of unfairness will make you sick. We need real health care reform now!

And by the way, personally speaking, nobody can force me to buy an overpriced, inferior product like the many health insurance policies out there. Sorry Barry but this is not going to fly. People with preexisting conditions don’t fit into the health insurance paradigm obviously; insurance companies naturally wouldn’t want to cover these people because it’s not profitable for them. That’s capitalism and it has no place involved in our health care system. You can’t have it both ways!

Single payer is what we fought for, what I marched for, not this profitable gift to insurance companies. It’s truly un-American imo, and I pray that the Supreme Court throws out the personal mandate.

UPDATE is that the Supreme Court did uphold the Act with the Universal Mandate intact. They rationalized this my calling it a tax. The penalty for not buying the product that you don’t want or need is now called a tax. Still hoping they figure this out before I get really sick and have to count on the compassion of my insurance company.

Check out the NPR story here:

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