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Aquarius, Earth, Eclipse, Callisto, Capricorn, Libra canister vacs, and high end upright models, such as the Salsa, Bolero, Jazz, and Swing series have built in True HEPA filters plus a pre motor filter for added dust containment.

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HEPA FILTERS and Vacuum Cleaners

Many brands of vacuum cleaners now come equipped with HEPA filters, but most are not True HEPA filtration systems. Miele brand HEPA filter vacuum cleaners are considered to be the best vacuums in the world for residential use. Best in terms of suction power, high quality design, manufacture, and best repair records.

Miele vacuum cleaners feature simple to use controls (on the more expensive canister models digital controls are right on the handle), swivel hose handle also on better models that really cuts down on wrist and hand fatigue, rubber coated wheels, bumper guards, and auto cord rewind.


Miele Hepa Filter Vacuum Cleaners – Clean Air Anyone?

Miele canister vac

Using a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter on your carpets and bare floors can make the difference between just moving dust and dirt from one place to another, as with non HEPA filter vacuum cleaners, and actually removing the dirt, dust, dust mites, pet dander, and allergens from the carpets, floor, and air 99.99 % percent completely, “of all particles as small as 0.1 microns in size, a rate that actually exceeds the HEPA standard. Common household allergens can often be as small as 1-10 microns in size.” http://www.achooallergy.com/miele-vacuum-buying-guide.asp

True HEPA vacuuming for allergy sufferers necessitates purchasing a vacuum cleaner that has HEPA filter technology designed into the machine, not just added on to the machine as a snap on, like the Eureka Might Might has it. True HEPA filter vacuums are sealed all around (for example, the Miele Sealed System) to assure the best suction power and to keep the sucked up pollution inside the dust bag.

Miele Atlantis Vacuum CleanerMy cleaning company, As You Like it Home Cleaning, based around Boston, uses Miele HEPA vacuum cleaners exclusively. We use an Atlantis (discontinued) with a Powerbrush attachment, and a Polaris. See our Polaris review. The Atlantis is a great machine and  light weight compared to the Polaris. It is not a True HEPA vac though.  The Polaris seems to be one of the least expensive, True HEPA Miele vacuums.

The rest of this post will feature Miele brand vacuum cleaners specifically engineered to super scrub your environment of allergens.

Miele vacuum cleaners Have fun names!

Miele vacuums, in general, have a range of prices and technical specs. The high end models, such as the Alize, Aquarius, Calima,Callisto, Capricorn, Earth, Eclipse, Fresh Air, Kona, Libra, Marin, Titan, UniQ,  canister vacs, and high end upright models, such as the Salsa, Bolero, Jazz, and Swing series have built in True HEPA filters plus a pre motor filter for added dust containment.

The dust bags are thick and substantial enough to cleanly contain all that icky stuff you sucked up. The floor brushes, especially the Parquet brush hug your floors to create super suction. Miele makes machines that leave your air and floor seriously clean. And, they are blessedly quiet for all that power. I have had clients remark on how quiet the Miele machine is.MIele powerbrush and turbobrush

Miele vac accessories include a standard tip brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool either stored away inside the canister, or clipped on around the base of the hose. Controls on the higher end machines are fingertip digital controls, and on less expensive models rotary dial and manual suction adjustment. A couple of extremely helpful but added on accessories are the Parquet floor brush, and the turbobrush especially great for carpeted stairs. Miele makes a car cleaning kit that includes a mini turbobrush for car seat upholstery, and longer crevice tools for reaching down between seats.

People often wonder what is the difference between a Miele turbobrush and a Miele Powerbrush.

Turbobrush vs. Powerbrush – A turbobrush is air-driven, while a powerbrush is electrically-driven. Though turbobrushes work well for low to medium pile carpet, if your home has high pile carpet or wall-to-wall carpet, you’ll probably want a powerbrush. This is something to keep in mind as powerbrushes feature a separate motor that powers them, ideal for deep cleaning, removing pet hair and vacuuming thick carpet. Each Miele canister series has at least one model that comes standard with a powerbrush, but any Miele with an electrically powered hose and wand can be upgraded to a powerbrush at any time.


Miele’s top of the line Cat and Dog Vacuum model s511 has added GAC (Generally Activated Charcoal) technology to work wonders removing animal hair, dander, and odors. The GAC filter works together with the built in True HEPA filter. This cat and dog vac also comes with two sizes of turbo brushes one hand held upholstery brush, and the other larger turbo brush for the carpet. A turbobrush does not connect to the power source but runs on the machines suction power.

Miele turbobrush illustration

Miele’s other vacuum cleaners in the Cat and Dog series have a filter system that can use a HEPA filter if one chooses. These machines are not True HEPA but are still great for regular use. The upside is they cost a lot less to buy.

Miele does make it’s own HEPA filters to accurately fit its machines. Miele Active HEPA filter model AH50 fits all Galaxy S4 and S5 vacuums, and Miele Active HEPA filter model AH30 fits S300 – S600 series canister vacuums and S7 upright vacuums.

Miele HEPA filterMiele recommends replacing the HEPA filter, which costs around $53.00 after every 60 hours of vacuuming. You can write the date when you started using your HEPA filter on the filter to keep track of how long you have used the filter. Or newer ones have some sort of tracking gauge stuck on. Either way, you need to change them at least every 6 months.

In 2015 Miele has three models of vacuum cleaners that they recommend for people with allergies or immune disorders who actually need super clean homes, cleaner environments than most of us need for daily living. They are in three different price ranges. The first two are canister vacs. The third vac is an upright.

Compact C2 Allergy Ecoline Plus

The least expensive model is the Compact C2 Allergy Ecoline Plus Vacuum Cleaner, listed at 250.00 pounds which is right now USD $385.00. This vac weighs 4.8 kg. (10.5 lbs.) with a 700W motor, and 3.5 litre dust bag.

Complete C3 Total Sol Allergy PowerLine

Next in price is the Complete C3 Total Sol Allergy PowerLine Vacuum Cleaner. 300.00 pounds USD $462.00. It weighs 5.4 kg. (12 lbs.) and has a 1200W motor. 4.5 litre dust bag.

Dynamic U1 Allergy Powerline

Dynamic U1 Allergy PowerlineAnd Third recommended vac for allergy sufferers is the Dynamic U1 Allergy Powerline Vacuum Cleaner. lists at 400.00 pounds USD $615.00. It weighs 9.7 kg (23.5 lbs.) that is a pretty substantial machine LOL, and has 1500W motor. 6 litre dust bag.

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