Landscape Oh Yes and Landscape OMG No

Check out these really awful and really great landscapes.

Let’s get straight to the photos. I have been wanting to make a post about the incredibly good and incredibly bad landscapes I see out there.


Trees massacred as revenge for having caused power outages in Worcester! National Grid thought deforming the trees was a nice solution to the problem of trees and power lines. The tree always loses. How about let’s not put trees and power lines in the same space.






My first example of a landscape done right is this beautifully composed front yard in a town in New England. Funny that you have the tree planted in the same strip as the power lines, and soon it may be hacked back my utility company tree pruners. But for now it is all harmonious in this front yard. The garden reflects the architecture of the house with it’s boxy, dark, evergreen Yew hedge that stops half way across the garden to become a mixed shrub border. The front plantings of biennial Cosmos look stunning in front of the dark shrubs as they enclose the yard a bit. Even in winter without the perennials and flowers in bloom, this garden looks terrific.








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