Mazzone Memorial on Deer Island, Winthrop, MA – Wow!

People who live near Boston, Massachusetts attention! We highly recommend getting out to Winthrop to visit the MWRA’s Deer Island Park and Mazzone Memorial!

Mazzone Memorial BostonCome Visit the Mazzone Memorial

For all you people who live near Boston, Massachusetts I highly recommend getting out to Winthrop to visit the MWRA’s Deer Island Park. As part of the Boston Harbor Islands park system, the Deer Island Park was built with fill from the Big Dig. That’s pretty cool! Join the many Winthrop residents who come by regularly to walk the three-mile pathway, fish, kayak and admire the amazing view of Boston Harbor and the Boston skyline

My organic gardening business performs maintenance on Deer Island at the David A. Mazzone Memorial. What is the Mazzone Memorial and who is David Mazzone?  He is the late judge who forced the clean up of Boston Harbor. He felt strongly that the people of Boston deserved a clean body of water in which to recreate and enjoy. Many thanks to Judge Mazzone!

Mazzone Memorial

Martha Mazzone, Becca Tyler, and Peggy Nestler

Who is David A. Mazzone? I quote from the MWRA website,

“For 19 years, Judge A. David Mazzone presided over the federal lawsuit brought by conservationists and others condemning the state of Boston Harbor. His landmark rulings led to a massive public works project to restore the Harbor as a spectacular natural resource. The Boston Harbor clean-up is recognized as one of the nation’s greatest environmental success stories – a far cry from the Harbor’s notoriety in the 1980s as “the filthiest harbor in America.”

At the memorial site we work closely with Peggy Nestler, of Nestler Land Design, co-designer of the memorial, and Martha Mazzone, daughter of Judge Mazzone to cultivate the native plantings of Beach Plum, Bearberry and other native grasses and perennials. If you ever wondered what sort of plants could withstand howling winds and salt spray, you may get some ideas by visiting the Mazzone Memorial.

Mazzone Memorial

Working at and enjoying this amazing site includes experiencing jets and planes taking off and landing at Logan Airport. What a rush! And the view is 180 degrees of magnificence. The breeze can clear your mind from all cobwebs and make you want to buy a house in Winthrop.

True story, while we were there last week adding to the plantings with more Bearberry and Coneflowers when a peddle powered kayaker decided to launch and go fishing at the point. It is a great place to fish! Unfortunately right after he launched the wind picked up and he capsized. He had to be rescued by the Coast Guard. All in a day’s work!

Anyway, I really recommend getting over there asap. You won’t be disappointed.

Fast Forward to Autumn

Mazzone Memorial Deer Island Winthrop

Julia Houriet, Peggy Nestler, Martha Mazzone

Julia is the owner of Julia Houriet Custom Gardening out of Belmont, Ma.

Peggy Nestler is principal of Nestler Land Design out of Harvard, Ma.

Martha Mazzone is daughter of Judge David A. Mazzone.

Mazzone Memorial, Boston Harbor

Peggy talks with Dave Shea

It’s always exciting visiting the Mazzone Memorial because on certain days planes fly almost directly overhead as they take off from Logan Airport. See the plane to the right? That’s Peggy Nestler, designer of the Mazzone Memorial, and Dave Shea, Maintenance Manager for the MWRA on Deer Island.

Mazzone Memorial, Deer Island, Winthrop

It’s a Perfect Day for Working Outside

That’s yours truly enjoying the fall foliage of the Beach Plums and the fresh sea air blowing in from Boston Harbor.

Mazzone Memorial, Boston Harbor Islands

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