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The Polaris, a True HEPA filter vacuum cleaner is the second HEPA filter canister vacuum cleaner I bought for my company. It costs a third or a quarter of what other Miele vacs do.

The Polaris, a True HEPA filter vacuum cleaner is the second HEPA filter canister vacuum cleaner I bought for my company. It costs a third or a quarter of what other Miele vacs do. It cannot be used with a Miele Power brush (motorized floor accessory) or any other motorized accessory because there is no electrical power in the handle. The Polaris only comes with one floor attachment. I had to purchase separately the ‘parquet’ floor brush attachment that works so well bare floors.

The Miele Polaris vacuum cleaner is a lovely shade of pale blue, Ice they call it. It is super well made and sturdy. The Polaris is a true sealed HEPA vacuum system and perfect for people with dust allergies who don’t have carpets or rugs on their floors. It is one of the least expensive True HEPA vacuums made by Miele.

The Miele Polaris doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles—it just works well. I like the Rotary Selector that controls the suction power—it clicks into place in a pleasing way! The Air Inlet Valve on the handle is also very useful and clicks into place. I like the thin hand piece that comes with the Polaris maybe better than hand pieces with handles. These handles seem to better for large hands. I find my hand gets fatigued faster using the handle hand piece versus one without the handle. Although Meile high end models have a swiveling handle that really cuts down on hand and wrist fatigue. Wish I didn’t have to pay a fortune to get that feature in a vacuum cleaner.

I have never had to have my Polaris vacuum cleaner serviced, it just works and works. I change the bags often and make sure the HEPA filter is fresh. Other than that I haven’t had to do anything to maintain it.

Now that I have professed by love for Miele vacuum cleaners, let me discuss some weak points.

The Airflow Indicator on the Polaris always shows one-third in the red. I’m not sure why, I decided to ignore it and see what happens. I have a client who owns a Polaris and it has the same problem with the Airflow Indicator.  This indicator is important because it shows you how much strain your machine is under. If the motor gets too hot, it will turn itself off.

At the same time, the Airflow Indicator is supposed to give you an idea about how full your dust bag is, since the fuller the bag and the more dense the debris in the bag are, the more the airflow and suction power of the vacuum will be blocked and diminished. I have never been able to gauge that fact using this indicator though. I just open up the vacuum cleaner and check for myself.

Miele canisters vacuum cleaners do have other weak points.

I find is that the on – off switches (not including the digital Miele models) are unresponsive and hard to press. I often have to press them multiple times to get the motor to shut off.  This is true with the Polaris as well as the Atlantis (a discontinued model).

Taking accessories on and off of the hand piece and wands can get sticky and difficult. I use my Miele Polaris for professional housecleaning, but because it is only one of several vacuums we use, it doesn’t get used much more than a typical homeowner might use it.

Those Miele dust bags and Miele Hepa Filters are really expensive.  But you can see why when you get one in your hand. Miele Original dust bags are made from sturdy plastic and thick fabric that is a little like paper and a little like cloth, in other words, really heavy-duty dust capturing bags.

I put up with these little things because Miele is a superior vacuum cleaner in regards to it’s most important elements, its motor and housing. Maybe the accessories could be improved a little bit here and there, and some buttons and gauges could work better. As with many appliances, the more you spend, the better quality parts you’ll often have on your appliance.

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