Pink Slime Update

I'm happy to report that the issue of Pink Slime that caused such uproar in the United States about a month ago has awakened the nation to the issue of food safety.

Food Reformers Unite!

I’m happy to report that the issue of Pink Slime that caused such uproar in the United States about a month ago has awakened the nation to the issue of food safety. What better way to support the cause of local, slow, and organic food, movements. I like the way Nancy Huehnergarth refers to “food reformers” and the “food reform” movement. She advises in her recent post on the Huffington Post that,

 “Food reformers should develop stronger relationships with mainstream network reporters and news shows . . . Why haven’t we yet developed a national grass roots network of consumer activists who can be counted on to speak out on a variety of food reform and food safety issues?

I am now considering myself a food reformer, officially!

Obviously we need more government regulation of the food industry. Sorry all you people who hate government and it’s regulations, but are you feeling super great about leaving the issue of food safety in the hands of huge corporations who feel free to add–at the very least–non-nutritional additives to our food without telling us about it?

To make matters worse in the case of LFTB (Lean Finely Textured Beef, the official name of Pink Slime), this cattle by-product that was initially created as a filler for DOG FOOD, is prone to contamination with deadly pathogens during processing and so it must then be treated with ammonia gas to kill the pathogens.

It’s not like they are just adding sawdust to the hamburger! At least that would be an inert additive that wasn’t degrading the safety, quality and edibility of the food product it’s it. No wonder there are food recalls happening every minute of every day! No wonder there are continuous cases of food poisoning spidering across the country following the path of the contaminated food distribution networks.

So I ask you, who is least trustworthy? Corporations or our government regulators?

I’m afraid this story is just the beginning of what we are about to find out about the dangers of “Big Food”. What else can you really expect from a profit driven industry? Of course profits take precedent over quality and safety.

I quote Ms. Heuhnergarth’s concluding paragraph,

“My final “radical” takeaway is this. If food reformers ever hope to improve America’s food system through policy change, we’re going to have to become much more active in demanding and supporting campaign finance reform at the local, state and national level. Big Food and Big Ag’s ability to use campaign donations and aggressive lobbying to influence legislators’ votes and opinions has stalled important food policy all across the nation. It has also influenced government agency rulemaking and the regulatory process — as BPI’s campaign contributions over the past decade have demonstrated”.

Read the whole article here:

And for good measure, find out about other potentially deadly food safety issues from Michael Greger, M.D. also from the Huffington Post. Huffington Post should be commended for their work on these issues!



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