Scotts Miracle-Gro Guilty of Environmental Abuses

If anybody deserves this fine Scotts does for all it's irresponsible behavior against the health of people and the planet. I M Naturally Bubbly O that is.

Miracle-Gro Manufacturer Held Accountable for Environmental Crimes

Scott's Miracle-Gro Guilty of Environmental Crime

This case brought by the Justice Department makes me feel great! If anybody deserves this fine Scotts does for all it’s irresponsible behavior against the health of people and the planet. Scotts more than any other lawn products company has helped create the unhealthy reliance on lawns throughout this country.

Scotts have promoted an image of the “perfect lawn”:  A monoculture of Kentucky bluegrass cut short to resemble a golf course. And using their toxic chemical fertilizers laced with herbicides and pesticides (they’ve been creating toxic witches brews for some time now) you are promised to be able to achieve this perfect lawn. But oxic residue run-off from homeowner lawns and agriculture in general are the major polluters of our rivers and bays and aquifers.

I would cite some statistics for you about what I just wrote, but it’s common knowledge at this point isn’t it? Google it and you will find out immediately that maintaining that perfect lawn is a highly polluting and therefore incredibly irresponsible way of life. If you want everybody to survive that is. Or does your lawn deserve water when people are suffering from miserable droughts?

Scotts Miracle-Gro HQ

Scotts Miracle-Gro HQ

And what is this adding pesticide to birdseed–Seriously? Scott should know better than to mess with the birders. It seems like this lacing of the birdseed with pesticides is the issue bringing Scotts the worst press right now. As it should be. Like our songbirds need more threats to their health and well-being! Just wish the fine were 4 times as high. Still, the consumers of Scott’s toxic products will end up paying this fine somehow or other :

“In addition to the $4 million criminal fine, Scotts will contribute $500,000 to organizations that protect bird habitat, including the Ohio Audubon’s Important Bird Area Program, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Urban Forestry Program, the Columbus Metro-Parks Bird Habitat Enhancement Program, the Cornell University Ornithology Laboratory, and The Nature Conservancy of Ohio to support the protection of bird populations and habitats through conservation, research, and education.”

You’ve got to love these words. Straight from the United States Department of Justice posting of 2 days ago called Scotts Miracle-Gro Will Pay $12.5 Million in Criminal Fines and Civil Penalties for Violations of Federal Pesticide Laws. Now what would happen if there were no Federal Pesticide Laws? What if this industry was allowed to go about its business un-regulated? Think about it . . . and read the whole article at the site:

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