New Years Resolution - Stop Eating Butter

Giving up butter is not really so hard. Maybe hopefully, it will spark a series of small changes that will make for a big self-transformation for the new year.

Butter and a butter knife

New Year’s Resolution – Stop Eating Butter

Funny thing, I was just watching a television show (was it Weeds? I can’t remember) and I heard one character say to another, “We are living pretty healthy now, we gave up butter.” That struck me as significant for some reason, right at that moment. Why? It’s not front-page news. Everybody knows by now (don’t they?) that butter clogs your arteries and makes you fat. And me, I’m starting to get that thickening around the waist that comes with middle age, and a bit of a belly.

My oversized belly is because I eat a lot of fattening foods, lots of butter, cheese, nuts, and peanut butter, and 70% Dark chocolate bars (Green and Black’s is the best, imo, I’m eating a few squares right now . . .), and red wine, and pizza and pasta and cookies and potato chips (Red Bliss cooked in Olive Oil) need I go on? It’s all expensive, healthy junk, from Whole Foods! None-the-less the fact remains that I am getting fat and clogging my arteries with cholesterol.

So why did I suddenly decide that my number one New Years Resolution was going to be to give up butter? I don’t know; it’s kind of like a lot of resolutions I make to which I can’t commit. It came as a desire to make a change—to make a transformation. This time, however, I feel the need to be a good example for my readers. Naturally Bubbly is after all about change and transformation.
Anyway, it is New Years Day, so why not make this desire a keeper since giving up butter is not really so hard after all. In fact it is going to be relatively easy. And maybe it will spark a series of small changes that together will make for a big self-transformation.

Balance Your Life with Green Living

Now about this large sized self-transformation: By starting this website about green cleaning and green living, and writing about green topics every day I am hoping to change the way I do stuff, like how I clean and furnish my apartment, how I wash my clothes, how I buy and prepare food, and ultimately; see, how I take care of myself and my loved ones!

Nobody can change the world by himself or herself. But anybody can change himself or herself. And if everybody did a little bit of self-improvement, and little self-transformation, the world would have to become a better place. It’s just logical after all. Not to say that people uniting to combat evil forces is not needed in this world. It is, but that is not what Naturally Bubbly is about so we won’t go there in this post! But let’s just say it’s kind of like when they tell you in the airplane that if oxygen masks come down and there is a problem with the airplane, you have to place your own oxygen mask on before you try to help your child or anybody else.

I believe wholeheartedly that change comes from within. We are the people and if we want change, we may have to change ourselves first before we join forces to overthrow the petroleum based economy! Our economy, here in the United States at least, is driven by consumer spending. That means consumers have power to make their money talk for them. It’s already working, there are more and more green, non- toxic choices on the store shelves.

That’s because the people demanded it, and the people who make things for us to buy are paying attention. They have to! Just check out what happened with Bank of America and now Verizon, trying to impose unfair fees on consumers. Well, we spoke up and they listened, they had to. Capitalism needs competition to be a democratic system, so as long as we have choices about what to buy, we can influence businesses and government policy.

Okay, now how did I get here from just–saying-no to butter? Well, I’m trying to tie together our personal choices with choices we make as a society. Do you get the connection?
In conclusion, does anybody have a good butter substitute? I find it hard to fry eggs in anything but butter, but I’m ready to change and I need your help. If you have any suggestions please leave your comment below!

New Year Resolution

Happy New Year!

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Julia has been practicing green cleaning for several years as the owner of As You Like It Home Cleaning and organic gardening for almost 20 years running Julia Houriet Custom Gardening. She studied landscape design at Radcliffe Seminars in Cambridge Massachusetts. Her expertise is gleaned from education and years of experience.

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