What is ALEC?

ALEC is not a lobby; it is not a front group. It is much more powerful than that according to alecexposed.org. Find out more about this threat to our democracy.

What is ALEC?

What is ALEC? Have you been hearing a lot about ALEC in the past week and were wondering just what the heck ALEC is? No not Alec Baldwin silly! ALEC has been in the news again because of it’s link to the Stand Your Ground legislation. The Stand Your Ground law is in the news because of its link to the Trayvon Martin murder. It’s amazing isn’t it, the way we find out about dangerous groups like ALEC?

ALEC is a private group of many top corporations that is influencing our legislatures and politicians to pass laws in their favor. All without citizen interaction. Your opinions don’t matter anymore! Your life, your future and your children’s future all being decided without you! I guess they know what’s best for us right?

Check out this short animated video for a quick lesson about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

Now that you have learned enough to cause concern please go to this link at alecexposed.org and find out more about ALEC. You need to know this about this!

ALEC is not a lobby; it is not a front group. It is much more powerful than that.


UPDATE: It’s 6 weeks before the election. National politics is taking all the attention, but what about local politics? Isn’t that where most of the meaningful legislation takes place? The kind of laws that can affect all of our lives? That is the crux of what makes ALEC so powerful and so un-democratic. Thanks to Bill Moyers for producing The United States of ALEC.


“a corporate dating service for lonely legislators and corporate special interests.”

In state houses around the country, hundreds of pieces of boilerplate ALEC legislation are proposed or enacted that would, among other things, dilute collective bargaining rights, make it harder for some Americans to vote, and limit corporate liability for harm caused to consumers — each accomplished without the public ever knowing who’s behind it.” Bill Moyers

Naturally Bubbly was able to hear previews of The United States of ALEC on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman today on WZBC, Boston College Radio. If you want to really understand what is going on in the world today you have to reach out to many different sources for news and information. Sometimes the debate of the day according the news feeds is not really the most important thing going on. You can frame your own issues, you don’t have to be corralled by what the corporate news tells you is important. Don’t let others tell you what to care about! Just a little advice from ‘been there done that’.

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